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The purpose of the City of Hayward's Website is to advance the public's health, safety and welfare by providing information for and interacting with Hayward residents, businesses, and visitors. This policy is applicable to the City Website which is defined as any internet or intranet web page which represents itself as the City or any of its departments.


For purposes of this policy, an "external link" is a hyperlink from the City Website to a website maintained by another party. Neither the City Website nor the external links listed on such website constitute a forum for expressive activity by members of the public. Rather, the purpose of the City Website and the external links is to provide information about City services, officials and attractions and to promote the public's health, safety and welfare. The City is not responsible for, does not endorse, and cannot assure the accuracy of information on these outside web sites. (See Disclaimer of Endorsement below.)

Every request by a person or entity to have the City provide a link from its website to the requesting party's website must undergo review to determine its relevance and appropriateness to the City Website's mission. The City Manager or his/her designee will review the merits of the requested link, keeping in mind the criteria and examples listed below, to determine whether the link serves the overall purpose of the City Website.

A redirection page will appear when a user chooses an external link on the City Website. There will be a message alerting users that they are leaving the City Website and entering another website. The City is not responsible for the privacy practices, security or the content of sites other than the City Website.
  • At its discretion the City may provide links to external websites of educational and other governmental organizations, organizations that have contractual and funding relationships with the City, organizations that provide government related information and/or services not available on an official government website, and services that support the strategic and operational goals of the City.
  • The City reserves the right to determine how and where external links will appear on its web site.
  • Links to commercial sites which provide a public or community service, but also display commercial advertising or promotional material, may be included within the City Website when the City Manager or his/her designee has made a good faith determination that:
    • the City's independent replication of the information targeted for linkage is unfeasible due to financial or other considerations; and
    • no non-commercial site provides the information targeted for linkage; and
    • the information targeted for linkage greatly enhances the usefulness of the City website and services it provides.
  • The City Website will not provide links to sites that promote or exhibit bias, discrimination, pornography, libelous or otherwise defamatory content.

Links to the City of Hayward's Website

Advance permission to link to the City Website is not necessary. However, the party linking to the City Website should be aware that its sub-pages may change at any time without notice. Entities and individuals linking to the City Website shall not present the City's website content as its own, or otherwise misrepresent the City Website's content or misinform users about the origin or ownership of its content. Any link to the City Website should be a full forward link that passes the client browser to the City Website unencumbered. The web browser's "back" button should return the visitor to the originating site if the visitor wishes to back out.

Disclaimer of Endorsement

The information posted on the City Website includes hypertext links to information created and maintained by other public and/or private organizations. Hayward provides these links solely for the information and convenience of users of the City Website. When users select a link to an outside website, they are leaving the Hayward City Website and are subject to the privacy and security policies of the owners/sponsors of the external website.

The City of Hayward:
  • does not control content or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness or completeness of information contained on a linked website;
  • does not endorse or recommend any third party web site, product, or services, unless otherwise noted;
  • does not authorize the use of copyrighted materials contained in linked websites. Users must request such authorization from the sponsor of the linked website;
  • is not responsible for transmissions that users receive from linked websites.

Website Privacy

Personal information that is provided by the user will not be given, sold, disclosed or transferred to a third party without the expressed consent of the user, unless the information is subject to disclosure under federal or state law or unless the City is directed to do so as result of a court order.

Information that is generally available under the California Public Records Act and/or federal law may be posted for electronic access through the City Website.

Many non-city sites, linked to the City Website, may or may not be subject to the Public Records Act, and may or may not be subject to other sections of the California Code or federal law. Therefore, visitors to such sites are advised to check the privacy statements of such sites and to be cautious about providing personally identifiable information without a clear understanding of how the information will be used.

Website Security

The City is committed to protecting the security of personally identifiable information that is either available from or collected by the City Website and has taken reasonable precautions to protect such information from loss, misuse, or alteration.

Liability Disclaimer

The City is neither responsible nor liable for any delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions arising out of your use of the City Website or with respect to the material contained on the Website, including without limitation, any material posted on the Website nor for any viruses or other contamination of your system. The City Website and all materials contained on it are distributed and transmitted "as is" without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitations, warranties of title or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The City is not responsible for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages that may arise from the use of, or the inability to use, the Website and/or the materials contained on the Website whether the materials contained on the Website are provided by the City or a third party. The City is neither responsible nor liable for any viruses or other contamination of your system.

Legal Notice

Information provided to the City of Hayward through its Website, through email, or through other messaging systems does not constitute legal notice to the City.

Unauthorized Use

All material on the City of Hayward Website (content, logos, graphics, and images) is property of the City and no person or entity may duplicate, upload, republish, modify, transmit, post or distribute or mirror the City's information on a non-City server without the expressed written permission to do so from the City.


The City will comply with accepted disability access design standards to ensure that people with disabilities can easily access City information.

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The purpose of this policy is to establish general standards and responsibilities for the acceptable use of social media platforms by the City of Hayward and its constituent departments. The maturation of “Web 2.0” and its centrality in the modern communications landscape requires the selection and management of social media accounts to be both strategic and well-controlled. Likewise, the City’s interest in determining what information is disseminated to the public and by what means requires a set of clear, well-established procedures for the effective use of social media channels.

This policy applies to all users of the City’s social media accounts, regardless of their particular employment status or job function. The policy also applies to members of the public who comment or otherwise interact with the City through its social media channels.

Terms & Definitions

For the purposes of this document, the terms “Web 2.0,” “Social Network” and “Social Media” are used interchangeably in reference to online platforms that allow content publication, social interaction and online community development. Popular social networks currently employed by the City of Hayward include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube. Other widely used platforms that the City may or may not choose to employ in the future include Instagram, Pinterest or Google +, in addition to any new channels that may prove suitable as technology advances.

The term “Authorized User” refers to any City employee, contractor, consultant or other individual responsible for the use, administration, management, monitoring of social media on behalf of the City.

Benefits of Social Media Tools

When used appropriately and in accordance with appropriate regulations and policies, social media tools provide government agencies and departments with exceptional opportunities (at little to no cost):
  • Enhance the speed, reach and targeting of communications
  • Solicit community input on city programs and performance
  • Improve information exchange between city residents and city employees
  • Increase the City’s ability to broadcast messages to the widest possible audience
  • Provide highly flexible channels for strategic brand-building efforts
The following section outlines standards for the use, management and creation of social media channels for the City of Hayward and its constituent departments and agencies.


  • The City’s official website ( is and will remain the primary online hub for all City information. Consequently, social media channels should be used in conjunction with the City’s website whenever appropriate.
  • Social media is not acceptable as a primary method of information dissemination during an emergency. In these cases, social media may be used to amplify the broadcast of this information, but only after standard emergency public information protocols have been followed.
  • No department or City agency may establish or terminate a social media identity, account, profile, page or site without the approval of the City’s Community & Media Relations Officer and the City Manager’s Office. All new social media tools proposed for City use shall require the same approval.
  • All official City social media outlets are considered an extension of the City’s network and are subject to all related administrative policies, including but not limited to policies on computer use.
  • All official social media profiles must clearly identify the pages as created and managed by the City of Hayward, identified as a department, agency or division of the city.
  • Whenever possible, posts to social media accounts should include links directing users back to the City’s official website for further information, online services or official statements from the City.
  • Only authorized individuals chosen by respective department heads shall have permission to create, publish or comment on behalf of any official City of Hayward social media channel. A roster of approved content creators/moderators will be maintained by the Community & Media Relations Officer. Department heads are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of this list.
  • Official City social media channels are subject to the California Public Records Act and Proposition 59. Any content posted to these channels is a public record. The department maintaining the channel – in conjunction with the City Attorney and City Clerk – is responsible for responding completely and accurately to any public records request for content posted to social media channels.
  • Employees should be made aware that their use of social media will be perceived as representing the City and City government, and should tailor their use accordingly.
  • Visitors to all City social media channels should immediately encounter links to the City’s official website and – when appropriate – links to the specific City agency or department related to the social media channel.
Prohibited Use & Activities

The following section pertains to both employee uses of City social media accounts as well as public-generated content (posts to pages, comments, etc.). This section is taken from the full Commenting Policy found on page 16 of this document. The following activities are unacceptable and are prohibited on any and all of the City’s social media platforms and shall be removed as soon as possible:
  • Any use of social media that does not comply with federal, state and local laws and regulations, or with the City’s policies set forth in this document and elsewhere
  • Profane language or content, including sexually explicit images, cartoons or jokes
  • Any content that includes ethnic slurs, personal insults, language that is harassing, defamatory, fraudulent or discriminatory on the basis of race, creed, color, age, religion, gender marital status, status with regard to public assistance, national origin, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation
  • Content in support or opposition to political campaigns or ballot measures
  • Solicitations of commerce
  • Conduct or encouragement of illegal activity
  • Comments not topically related to the content being commented on
  • Anything that contains confidential information or information that compromises the security of City networks or information systems
  • Content that violates a legal ownership interest of another party
  • Content that violates the terms of use governing the social media account
  • Hyperlinks to content that falls under one of the categories above
Mandatory Notices

On each social media site, visitors shall be informed that the City disclaims any and all responsibility and liability for any materials that the City deems inappropriate for posting, which cannot be immediately removed. Furthermore, visitors shall be informed that comments posted by members of the public are the opinion of the commentator or poster only, and the posting of a comment does not imply the City’s endorsement or agreement, nor do public comments necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the City. The City neither guarantees the authenticity, accuracy, appropriateness nor security of external links, websites, or content linked thereto. Any content generated by City staff or the public posted to an official City of Hayward social media site is subject to public disclosure.

Personal Social Media Usage

Although this policy is not intended to govern employees’ use of personal social media accounts for personal purposes (outside the workplace and using non-City information systems), postings and user profiles on personal social media accounts must not state or imply that the views, conclusions, statements or other content are an official statement, position or communication of the City of Hayward, or that they represent the views of the City or any city officer or employee.

The City’s various social media sites are governed by a common administrative policy, which outlines rules and regulations for the development, manipulation and management of each official City platform.

Inventory & Security

  • A full inventory of the City’s official social media accounts shall be maintained by the Information Technology department (webmaster) and the City Manager’s Office (Community & Media Relations Officer).
  • The IT department shall also maintain an up-to-date list of the login and password information for all official City of Hayward social media accounts.
  • Department directors or their designees are responsible for providing updated information regarding any changes to login information or other administrative tools.
  • The IT department shall establish guidelines for password security for all social media accounts. All City accounts not in compliance with these guidelines shall develop new, compliant passwords.
  • The IT department and Community & Media Relations Officer reserve the right to immediately edit or remove content from any of the City’s social media accounts if it is determined that the content represents a security risk (malware, etc.) or if it violates the policies in this document.
  • If a designated administrator is removed from the role, the department director shall inform the IT department immediately in order to change all social media account passwords.
  • All authorized account administrators must sign an acknowledgement form indicating that they agree to follow all of the terms, standards and guidelines set forth in this policy document.

The following documentation is required for each authorized social media channel in order to ensure threshold levels of activity, content quality, message uniformity and brand integrity:
  • Channel-specific standard operating procedures
  • City and departmental branding standards
  • Overarching design standards
  • Outline of intended purpose and use for each channel
Approved Channels

The City of Hayward has approved the following social media channels for use by City departments and agencies. Other social media tools proposed for official City use must secure approval by the City Manager’s Office (Community & Media Relations Officer).
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
New Account Proposals

Requests to develop new social media accounts, pages or profiles – or proposals to employ new social media channels that have not yet been approved – should be made in writing to the Community & Media Relations Officer. Proposals should outline the following information clearly and succinctly:
  • Name of channel (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • Rationale for development
  • Proposed departmental manager for the channel
  • Summary of intended use, including types of content to be disseminated, proposed username, tentative posting schedule, etc.
Twitter is an information network made up of 140-character messages called Tweets. It is an easy way for people to discover the latest news related to subjects they care about. For representatives of the City, Twitter provides an exceptional way to reach a wide range of followers with concise messaging.

Administrative Guidelines

The City’s primary Twitter account will be administered by the City Manager’s Office (Community & Media Relations Officer). Authorized secondary accounts (i.e., airport, animal shelter, police, fire, economic development, etc.) will be managed by the employee designated by the department director to maintain the account. Only designated individuals will be allowed to publish content and handle administrative duties on the account. Twitter is a high-volume medium which encourages regular sharing. As such, multiple Twitter posts are much less likely to turn followers off than the same number on other channels. As a general rule of thumb, Twitter posts require a slightly lower threshold of importance or novelty than Facebook or Linkedin to justify their existence.


Official Twitter accounts for the City of Hayward shall be used for the following purposes:
  • Quick dissemination of information that does not warrant inclusion on the City’s website.
  • Redirection of followers to content available on the City’s website or Facebook page
  • Promotion of City-sponsored activities, meetings, events and programs
  • “Retweets” of important regional or local information, or messages originated by other City of Hayward Twitter accounts
USERNAMES for all primary City of Hayward social media accounts (including Twitter) shall be “cityofhayward” unless securing that handle proves impossible. Secondary accounts (i.e., PD, FD, ED, Library, etc.) shall begin with “Hayward” (e.g., @haywardlib, @haywardpd, etc.)

PROFILE IMAGES uploaded at 81 x 81 px (72 dpi) shall depict the appropriate departmental or City logo.

PROFILE INFO should include a clear identification of the account and a link to relevant City website.

HEADER IMAGES should be uploaded at 520 x 260 px (72 dpi) and should clearly depict a scene relevant to the profile. If no header image is used, a neutral Twitter background is acceptable.

BACKGROUNDS custom backgrounds should be avoided unless appropriately configured.

TWEETS should be clear, concise and relevant to the department issuing them. Moreover, account administrators should adhere to AP style conventions for grammar and punctuation. All tweets should mirror information found on the City’s website and other information channels as closely as possible.

INTERACTION with constituents via @ replies and direct messages is highly encouraged. By choosing to participate in this venue, the City is making a commitment to the medium. Replies should be timely and should follow the same protocols established in the general standards section of this document.

FOR THE PURPOSES OF PUBLIC RECORDS RETENTION, account administrators shall not delete information from the application unless adequate retention steps have been taken to preserve the data, either electronically or in printed form.

Facebook is the world’s largest social network, boasting more than one billion users. Its stated mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Facebook is an extraordinary platform for connecting with constituents, broadcasting important messages and soliciting public input for various issues. Facebook’s “virality” – its capacity for content to be widely disseminated on the strength of the social network – is also unparalleled, creating opportunities for exceptional reach when sharing valuable or important content.

Administrative Guidelines

The City’s primary Facebook account will be administered by the City Manager’s Office (Community & Media Relations Officer). Authorized secondary Facebook pages (i.e., economic development, animal shelter, airport, police, fire, etc.) will be managed by the employee designated by the department director to maintain the account. Only designated individuals will be allowed to publish content and handle administrative duties on each authorized page. Facebook pages should be used judiciously, since the medium is more sensitive to “burnout” than a rapid-fire service like Twitter, in which users post multiple times every day. All official City Facebook pages should “like” all other City Facebook pages.


Official Facebook pages for the City of Hayward and its various departments/agencies are purposed with the following:
  • Dissemination of important or interesting (yet relevant) news or information to “fans.”
  • Redirection of visitors to content available on the City’s website.
  • Promotion of City-sponsored activities, meetings, events and programs
  • Communication with visitors via replies and direct messages.
  • When appropriate, informal polls to gauge community sentiment on various issues.
Successful Facebook pages require constant attention and timely, relevant content. Department directors and their authorized social media designees will be responsible for ensuring that content is not stale.

USERNAMES for all primary City of Hayward social media accounts (including Facebook) shall be “cityofhayward” unless securing that handle proves impossible. Secondary accounts (i.e., PD, FD, ED, Library, etc.) shall begin with “Hayward” (e.g., Hayward Public Library, Hayward Executive Airport, etc.) The Community & Media Relations Officer shall approve all proposed usernames.

PROFILE IMAGES uploaded at 180 x 180px (72 dpi) must depict the appropriate department or City logo.

COVER PHOTOS should be uploaded at 851 x 315 px (72 dpi) and should clearly depict a scene relevant to the profile. Changes to cover photos should be reviewed by the Community & Media Relations Officer.

CATEGORY should always be “Government Organization.”

ABOUT section should be populated according to the following format:
    SHORT DESCRIPTION: Welcome to the official Facebook page for… (Hayward Police Department, Hayward Animal Shelter, Hayward Public Library, etc.)

    LONG DESCRIPTION: Provide a more extensive description of the department or agency, its purpose, services, etc. Keep this section below 200 words. Be sure to include a direct link to the relevant City website or page.

    GENERAL INFORMATION: This section shall be reserved on all official City pages to disclose the official commenting policy and public records notification. In addition to any department-specific information (PD/FD emergency contact info, etc.), this section should read exactly as follows without exception:

    The City of Hayward’s use of social media is provided as a public service. What follows is an abbreviated version of the City’s full Social Media Policy available here: The City of Hayward disclaims liability for ads, videos, promoted content or comments accessible from any external web page. The responsibility for external content or comments rests with the organizations or individuals providing them. Any inclusion of external content or comments on social media sites does not imply endorsement by the City of Hayward. Comments posted to this site will be monitored during regular City business hours only. The City disclaims any and all responsibility and liability for inappropriate content posted to its social media sites that cannot be removed in an expeditious or otherwise timely manner. The following types of content are prohibited to both administrators and commenters on the site and the City reserves the right to remove any such content without notice:
  • Comments not topically related to City programs, services, projects, issues, events and activities, or the particular post being commented upon
  • Posts and comments that promote or advertise commercial services, entities or products except as stipulated in City marketing plans and determined by the City to be essential to economic development
  • Political statements, including comments that endorse or oppose political candidates or ballot propositions
  • Religious statements, including comments that endorse or oppose any type of religious opinions or activities
  • Posts and comments that promote, foster or perpetuate discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, age, religion, gender, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, national origin, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation
  • Posts and comments that include vulgar, offensive, threatening or harassing language, personal attacks or unsupported accusations
  • Obscene or sexual content or links to obscene or sexual content illegal activity or encouragement of illegal activity
  • Information that may tend to compromise the safety or security of the public or public systems.
  • Content that violates a legal ownership interest of any other party
  • Links to external sites that fall under one of the aforementioned categories

    All comments and private messages received via City of Hayward social media sites are public records and subject to public disclosure.
COMMENTS from visitors to each City Facebook page shall be allowed (and monitored for appropriateness) unless the administering department is unable to do so. If the authorized administrator for the page is unable to effectively monitor and manage the page’s comments section, the commenting feature must be turned off.

RICH MEDIA such as photos and video are both acceptable and encouraged in Facebook posts. If posted media includes photos or video of the public, staff must secure waivers by all individuals depicted. This waiver policy does not pertain to City employees during regular office hours.

BRAND INTEGRITY may not be compromised in any way on the City’s various Facebook pages. Therefore, each page will be initially set up by the Community & Media Relations Officer and the IT department to ensure consistent city branding and settings. Departments and their authorized social media administrators are expected to adhere to standard AP style in all posts and shall avoid jargon and abbreviations.

FACEBOOK APPLICATIONS shall not be allowed without advance approval from the IT department in order to avoid security risks.

FOR THE PURPOSES OF PUBLIC RECORDS RETENTION, account administrators shall not delete information from the application unless adequate retention steps have been taken to preserve the data, either electronically or in printed form.

Linkedin is the world’s largest professional network, boasting more than 250 million members. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Linkedin is specifically geared toward career advancement, recruiting, professional networking, tailored industry news and the sharing of best practices. Linkedin is a more “serious” network and inappropriate for short missives or light content. The City of Hayward’s use of Linkedin shall be limited to brand- and awareness building and professional recruiting.

Administrative Guidelines

The City’s Linkedin account will be administered by the City Manager’s Office (Community & Media Relations Officer). This will be the sole official Linkedin account for the City of Hayward and all departmental information meant for publication on Linkedin shall be posted here.


The City’s Linkedin account shall be used for the following actions:
  • Brand awareness activities to raise Hayward’s profile as a place of business and as an employer.
  • Recruiting qualified candidates for City positions (informed by HR)
USERNAMES for all primary City of Hayward social media accounts (including Linkedin) shall be “cityofhayward” unless securing that handle proves impossible.

HORIZONTAL LOGO uploaded at 100 x 60 px (72 dpi) shall depict the official City logo.

PROFILE INFO should include the City’s boilerplate description.

COVER PHOTO should be uploaded at 646 x 220 px (72 dpi) and should depict a relevant city scene.

UPDATES should be clear, concise and relevant at all times. All content should follow standard AP style and should be thoroughly spell- and fact-checked.

YouTube is a video hosting and distribution platform that allows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos. Users are able to subscribe to “channels,” providing them with updates when new videos are uploaded and the opportunity to comment on videos they have watched. Because of its ubiquity, YouTube is the industry standard for video hosting. For the purposes of City business, YouTube provides a flexible, simple platform for quickly uploading, publishing and repurposing City video content both on its own YouTube channel and across its various web properties and social media channels via embeds and links.

Administrative Guidelines

The City encourages the use of video to inform the public, enhance Hayward’s brand image and advance departmental goals. All standard Social Media policies (including the post and commenting policy) apply to YouTube as well and should be strictly followed. Please note that if images of members of the public appear in a video to be posted to YouTube (and subsequently to other channels), a permission waiver must be secured in advance of publication for each individual appearing in video.


Official YouTube channels for the City of Hayward shall be used for the following purposes:
  • Video storytelling or public information (interviews, discussions, etc.)
  • Chronicling City business (sponsored events, neighborhood discussions, etc.)
  • Brand building and awareness
USERNAMES for all primary City of Hayward social media accounts (including Twitter) shall be “cityofhayward” unless securing that handle proves impossible. Secondary accounts (i.e., PD, FD, ED, Library, etc.) shall begin with “Hayward” (e.g., haywardlib, haywardpd, etc.)

COVER ART uploaded at 2560 x 1440 px (72 dpi) shall depict an appropriate scene relevant to the department administering the channel.

PROFILE PHOTO should include the departmental logo uploaded at 270 x 270 px (72 dpi).

PROFILE INFO should include a short description of the department, its purpose and services offered, as well as a link to the City’s website.

COMMENTING should be disabled on all videos. City YouTube channels are not the most efficient engagement portals and authorized social media administrators should remain focused on interactions taking place on Facebook and Twitter.

VIDEO QUALITY is critical. Low-quality, grainy, shaky videos or videos with poor sound quality are not acceptable for upload, although medium-quality video will be considered providing the audio portion is clear and the content is both compelling and informative.

VIDEO APPROVAL must be obtained by the department director or the department’s authorized social media administrator.

ALL VIDEOS published to YouTube must also be published to the proper section of the City website and the appropriate Facebook page or Twitter account, if appropriate.

Printable Document PRINTABLE VERSION

I. Introduction

The Collection Development Statement of the Hayward Public Library has been written to set a policy and a plan for a systematic approach to the acquisition of material and collection maintenance which supports the mission and goals of the Hayward Public Library.

II. Collection Development Policy

The Hayward Public Library is committed to providing collections, resources, and services that meet the cultural, informational, recreational, and educational needs of Hayward’s diverse, multicultural community and all users of the Library. The collection will be broadly based and diverse to support the Mission Statement of the Library. (Appendix)

The Library will strive to provide a balance of viewpoints on subjects in the collection.

The library will strive to provide materials for the diverse cultures represented in Hayward and to provide materials in the major languages represented in the city to the extent that resources permit.

In keeping with the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights and Its Freedom to Read and Freedom To View statements, the Library provides free and equal access to the entire range of library resources and formats, including audiovisual materials. These rights extend to all users of the library including minors.

The City Council, as governing body for the City of Hayward and the Hayward Public Library, has adopted the Collection Development Policy of the Hayward Public Library and as part of this Policy, has adopted the aforementioned statements and the following interpretations of the Library Bill of Rights:

Evaluating Library Collections; Expurgation of Library Materials; Challenged Materials; Labels & Rating Systems; Diversity in Collection Development; Free Access to Libraries for Minors; and Restricted Access to Library Materials

Selection responsibility ultimately rests with the Library Director, who works within the framework of policies recommended by the Library Commission. Actual selection is assigned to librarians responsible for individual subject areas. The Supervising Librarians oversee the selection process.


Selection Guidelines

The criteria for evaluation of materials includes timeliness, usefulness, popular demand, literary or artistic merit, permanent value, the need for and availability of information or materials in the subject area, authoritativeness, and cost. Selections are made to build and maintain a balanced collection, and include a variety of viewpoints and opinions to meet community needs.

The selection of any material for the collection of the Library does not constitute endorsement of its contents. Decisions are made solely on the merits of the work in relation to the building of the collection; the provision of more that a single viewpoint; and to serve the interests of customers. Emphasis will be on popular and educational support materials. Educational materials selected are supplemental to elementary and secondary educational requirements and support post secondary programs only insofar as there is interest and need for the materials in the general population. The Library does not directly attempt to meet curriculum needs of educational programs.

Gifts and Suggestions

The library accepts gifts of library materials with the understanding that the same selection guidelines are applied to gifts as are applied to materials purchased by the Library. Cost of cataloging and processing each item is a factor in deciding whether to add each item. The Library reserves the right to make final disposition of all gifts received. Most are donated to the Friends of the Library for inclusion in their book sales. Gift materials not added to the collection cannot be returned to the donor. Monetary gifts are gladly accepted. Discussion between staff and donor can determine topic or title(s) of interest, with agreement being reached by all parties involved. Commemorative bookplates are available for placement in materials.

Suggestions for purchase by library customers are welcomed and given every consideration. A suggested title may be purchased if it meets the selection standards of the library.

Library Collections

The collections of the Hayward Public Library will include, but are not limited to, books, periodicals, documents, audiocassettes, compact discs, videocassettes, DVDs and electronic resources. In addition, the library provides open access to the Internet.

Multiple Copies

The Library buys multiple copies of high-demand, popular items such as “best sellers” to improve service and limit waiting by customers for titles of current interest.

New Reader

In keeping with the goals of the Mission Statement, the Library is committed to providing language texts and easy-to-understand materials for adults with limited reading or English skills. Purchase of these materials is done in cooperation with our Literacy Specialists.


Collection maintenance and evaluation is important to ensure the materials in the Library are balanced and responsive to community needs. The Library strives to maintain an up-to-date, useful collection. Statistical tools such as circulation reports and client surveys will help librarians to determine how the collection is being used, and community demographic information will be used to help keep abreast of changing community needs.

During the process of evaluation, the librarian will have the opportunity to identify subjects where materials are needed, missing titles that should be replaced, older editions of titles which should be updated, and subjects, authors, and titles that are no longer in demand in the community.

Titles and items are withdrawn from the collection through periodic, systematic review by librarians. Materials may be withdrawn because they are worn, obsolete, or seldom used, or superseded by a newer edition or better work on the subject. Items that have been lost or physically damaged are also withdrawn.


The Hayward Public Library
Mission Statement

The Hayward Public Library promotes and celebrates the diverse cultural heritage of the community in all of its services and programs. The Hayward Library is committed to providing materials and services that support each individual’s right to know and that encourage the development of a lifelong interest in reading and learning. The Hayward Library is a popular materials and reference center, actively promoting use of its diverse collection through the assistance of trained and helpful staff. The Hayward Library serves as an advocate and resource for new readers of all ages.

Printable Document PRINTABLE VERSION


Customers using the Internet must agree to and abide by the Internet Use Policy and Rules below:

Hayward Public Library offers free and open access to the Internet in accordance with its mission of providing public access to information of all types in a wide range of formats and the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights.

While the Library strives to offer sites that provide current and accurate information, the changing nature of this medium means the Library cannot guarantee the accuracy of information gained through the World Wide Web. Users are responsible for determining that the information they access is acceptable, reliable and suitable to their needs. The Library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and assumes no responsibility for its content. The Library neither restricts access to materials found on the Internet nor protects users from materials or information they may find offensive.

Library customers are warned that the Internet is not a secure medium and that privacy of e-mail and other communications is not guaranteed. The Library assumes no responsibility and shall have no liability for any direct, indirect or consequential damages arising from the use of information found on the Internet, any communications sent through the Library's Internet computers, or any data loss or damage to personal disks, CDs or other storage devices.

Parents or legal guardians must assume responsibility for deciding what library resources are appropriate for their own children. It is both the right and the responsibility of parents and legal guardians to guide their own children’s usage of library resources in accordance with individual family beliefs. The Library does not provide this monitoring or supervision.

Library staff is available to assist in accessing the Internet and software on library computers, to offer searching suggestions and to answer questions. Staff cannot provide in-depth individual assistance. The library does offer classes which teach basic computer and Internet skills.

All Library customers accessing the Internet in the Library are expected to use this resource in a responsible and ethical manner, consistent with the educational, informational and recreational purposes for which it is provided. Library customers are also expected to abide by the Rules of Conduct that govern public behavior in the Library and the Rules and Procedures established for public use of the Internet. Library customers are asked to respect the privacy of Internet users and to refrain from intentionally observing other customer's use of the Internet.
    Library customers using the Internet may not:

  • Use the Library's Internet terminals for unauthorized, illegal or unethical purposes.
  • Modify or gain access to files, passwords or data belonging to the Library or others.
  • Make any attempt to alter, damage and/or destroy computer hardware or software.
  • Make unauthorized entry into other networks and systems.
  • Violate the privacy of others, harass other users, or send harassing or threatening messages.
  • Use the Internet terminals in the Library to view or disseminate illegal images.
  • Make unauthorized copies of copyrighted or licensed software or data.
    To maximize Computer availability, and to insure fair accessibility for all, please follow these procedures and rules. Repeated failure to follow the rules will result in suspension of computer privileges.

  1. Computers are available from the time the library opens until 5 minutes before closing.
    • 11:00-7:55 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
    • 10:00-4:55 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
  2. You must log on with your valid library card number and your PIN to use most library computers. This does not apply to the Library catalogs or library card application/online payment stations.
  3. You may not use someone else’s library card for computer use.
  4. Time Limit on each computer station:
    • 60 Minute Internet – 60 minutes per day
    • Word processing/Databases/Microsoft Office - 2 hours per day
  5. You will be automatically logged off when the time limit is reached. If you finish your session early, please log out.
  6. Printing is available for 10 cents per page using a Pinnacle print card.
  7. Customers may save files on diskettes, CD-Rs, or flash drives. (Diskettes are available for purchase at the Circulation Desk for $1.00 per diskette. CD-Rs are available for $1.50. Flash drives are available for $10.00).
  8. Headphones are not provided by the library. Customers may bring their own headphones. Earbuds are available for purchase for $5.00.
  9. Library staff at the Tech Lab Desk can often help with basic computer use and some information on the Internet; however, staff does not provide instruction on how to use the software.
  10. Library customers are advised, as with all library materials, to exercise judgment and discrimination when evaluating the usefulness and reliability of material found on the Internet.
  11. The Hayward Public Library does not monitor information accessed over the Internet and cannot guarantee the validity or accuracy of information found on the Internet.
  12. You may not use your own software programs on the library computers. This will help prevent computer viruses that are common on public computers.
  13. Misuse of the computer or Internet access will result in loss of your Computer privileges. Any illegal activity involving the Library’s computers will be subject to prosecution by the appropriate authorities.

Updated 7/08/09

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I. Statement of Policy

The mission of Hayward Public Library is to provide equal opportunity in education and lifelong learning to every member of the Hayward community. To achieve its mission, the Library provides a wide array of resources, services, and community learning spaces to the general public. Library resources are intended to be equally available to all, for the enrichment and enjoyment of all. Because the Library is a public resource that is shared by the entire community, this Customer Conduct Policy is hereby established to govern the use of Library resources by members of the public, and to set standards of behavior and conduct that support equal access, use and enjoyment of the Library by all.

II. Guiding Principles
  1. Behavior or conduct that interferes with anyone else’s ability or right to use or benefit from Library resources or public spaces is detrimental to equal access and is not allowed.
  2. Behavior or conduct that results in or could cause damage or loss of Library materials, equipment, furniture, buildings or other property is detrimental to shared resources and is not allowed.
  3. Behavior or conduct that interferes with the duties and responsibilities of Library staff or volunteers is detrimental to the functioning of the Library and is not allowed.
  4. Illegal or harmful activity is forbidden at all times, and will be reported to law enforcement immediately.
III. Code of Conduct

All visitors to the Hayward Public Library have the right to:
  • A safe and welcoming Library environment;
  • Confidential access to Library materials and services;
  • Privacy of their Library records;
  • Free use of the Library for its intended purpose as a shared community resource.
Library rules of conduct include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Safe and legal use of the Library is welcomed and encouraged. All illegal or harmful activity will be reported to law enforcement immediately, including but not limited to:
a) Possession or use of drugs or alcohol;
b) Public intoxication;
c) Lewd or lascivious behaviors;
d) Viewing or displaying inappropriate or illegal material in the Library;
e) Harassment, threats, or intimidation of Library users, staff, or volunteers;
f) Possession of weapons in or around the Library;
g) Abuse or vandalism of public property including Library facilities, equipment, and materials.
h) Unauthorized removal (theft) of Library materials. State law permits library staff to search purses, bags, parcels, briefcases, and other packages to prevent the theft of books and library materials, and authorizes the detention for a reasonable period of any person using these facilities who is suspected of committing library theft (California Penal Code section 490.5);
i) Smoking in or around the Library, including the surrounding public parks and sidewalks;
j) Any activity that results in or could cause injury or harm to oneself or others.
2. Appropriate uses of Library furniture, equipment, and public spaces are welcomed. The following inappropriate uses are a violation of the Customer Conduct Policy and will not be tolerated:
a) Personal items, packages, or luggage may not be left unattended in the library for any length of time. Library staff is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
b) Restrooms in the Children’s Library are reserved for children and accompanying adults only.
c) Adults visiting the Children’s Library must be accompanied by children or using children’s materials.
d) Aisles and passageways may not be blocked in any way that would prohibit free flow of pedestrians or people with disabilities.
e) Wheeled devices with or without power are not allowed in the Library (for example, bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, scooters, grocery carts, wheeled luggage, etc.), except wheelchairs or walkers that are actively being used to assist persons with disabilities, and strollers that are actively being used to transport children or infants.
f) Animals are not allowed in the Library, except service animals recognized under Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
g) Soliciting, panhandling, petitioning, and gambling are prohibited at all times in and around the Library.
h) Sleeping in or around the Library is prohibited.
i) Restrooms may not be used for bathing, laundering, loitering, sexual activity, drug use, nor any other unintended use. Illegal activity of any kind will be reported to law enforcement.
3. Behaviors that contribute to the normal functioning of the Library are welcomed. The following behaviors interfere with others’ ability to use or benefit from Library resources and public spaces, and are not allowed:
a) Eating is not allowed. Covered drinks are allowed except at Library computers.
b) Children may not be left unattended in the Library for any length of time. Library staff are not able to supervise or monitor children. Parents or guardians are responsible for the supervision and behavior of their children in the Library at all times.
c) Loud sounds that constitute a nuisance to others are prohibited. Please use headphones when listening to audio on electronic devices.
d) Strong or pervasive odors that constitute a nuisance to others are not permitted.
e) Unacceptable or inappropriate use of furniture or building facilities which may cause damage or excessive wear to Library property, or which could prevent others from accessing library services, are not permitted (for example, lying down, putting feet on chairs or tables, standing or leaning on furniture, bringing an excessive amount of belongings or large items into the Library, etc.)
f) Adequate clothing must be worn at all times, including top, bottom and shoes.
g) Loud or offensive language directed toward staff or other library users is not allowed.
h) Disruptive and dangerous activities including running, horseplay, and throwing objects are prohibited.
i) Using another person’s library card or card number to log in to library computers is prohibited.
j) Use of library computers is subject to the City of Hayward Website and Computer Use policies, available ONLINE
IV. Enforcement

Library users who engage in conduct or behavior that violates this Policy will be issued a warning or asked to leave the premises. At the discretion of the Library Director, repeated or serious violations of this Policy may result in the suspension of Library visiting privileges for an extended time period. Any and all illegal activity is immediately reported to law enforcement.

Ratified by the City of Hayward Library Commission, December 2012