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On July 1, 2014, the City Council approved the Hayward 2040 General Plan and certified the Final General Plan Environmental Impact Report. The plan provides a community-based vision for the future of the Hayward community, and identifies a variety of goals, policies, and implementation programs to advance the vision. The 2040 General Plan was prepared with the help of local citizens, a General Plan Update Task Force, community groups, businesses, and partnering organizations. The City of Hayward would like to thank all members of the Hayward community for participating in the process and preparing a comprehensive and innovative plan for the future of Hayward.

Coming Soon: Web-Based General Plan!

Adopted Housing Element

Community Input on the Vision for Hayward

Thank you to everyone who attended one of the many community workshops and responded to the community survey. The following documents include all the comments received at the workshops as well as those received in the completed surveys.

Video Summary of Community Workshops
Community Workshops and Neighborhood Meetings
Community Survey Report

General Plan Update Task Force
The General Plan Update Task Force advised both City staff and the City Council throughout the General Plan update process. All Task Force meeting agendas, reports, and summary notes are here.

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Previous Meetings
Staff Contact
Sara Buizer, Planning Manager

Documents Related to the General Plan Update
Bicycle Master Plan
South Hayward BART/Mission Boulevard Form-Based Code
Mission Boulevard Corridor Specific Plan and Form-Based Code
Route 238 Bypass Land Use Study