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Nina Morris-Collins
Nina Morris-Collins

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The Human Resources Team is committed to provide professional guidance and expertise in the areas of:
  • Benefits Administration
  • Employee Relations
  • Recruitment & Employment
  • Safety
  • Training and Development
- The City of Hayward Human Resources department is committed to cultivating positive working relationships by creating and enhancing valuable services that attract, develop and retain a talented and diverse workforce

- We aim to better serve our community

City Hall - 3rd Floor
Mon - Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM
Sat & Sun CLOSED
Accountant »
Account Clerk »
Accounting Manager
Accounting Technician
Administration Director
Administrative Analyst I & II
Administrative Analyst III
Administrative Clerk I
Administrative Clerk I (Conf.)
Administrative Clerk II
Administrative Clerk II (Conf.)
Administrative Intern
Administrative Secretary
Administrative Secretary (Conf.)
Airport Attendant
Airport Maintenance Leader
Airport Maintenance Worker
Airport Manager
Airport Noise-Operations Coordinator
Airport Operations Supervisor
Animal Care Attendant
Animal Control Officer
Animal Control Supervisor
Animal Services Administrator
Animal Services Supervisor
Animal Shelter Supervisor
Apparatus Operator - 40hrs
Apparatus Operator - 56hrs
Assistant City Attorney
Assistant City Manager
Assistant Civil Engineer
Assistant and Associate Planner
Assistant to the City Manager
Assistant Transportation Engineer
Associate Civil Engineer
Associate Transportation Engineer
Associate Transportation Planner
Audio Video Specialist
Auditorium Coordinator
Auditorium Leadworker

Battalion Chief
Battalion Chief 40hrs
Battalion Chief 40hrs Special Assignment
Battalion Chief 56hrs
Budget Officer
Building Inspector
Building Leadworker

Chief of Police
City Attorney
City Building Official
City Clerk
Code Enforcement Inspector I & II
Code Enforcement Supervisor
Collections Officer
Commission Secretary
Communications Administrator
Communications Operator
Communications Supervisor
Community & Media Relations Officer
Community Development Specialist
Community Planning & Economic Development Adm
Community Preservation Inspection Supervisor
Community Preservation Inspector
Community Programs Aide
Community Programs Specialist
Community Service Officer
Community Services Manager
Computer Operator
Computer Operator-Analyst
Construction Inspector
Counseling Supervisor
Crime Analyst
Crime Prevention Specialist
Crime Prevention Supervisor
Crime Scene Technician
Cross Connection Control Specialist
Customer Account Clerk

Data & Systems Coordinator
Data Systems Operator
Deputy City Attorney I
Deputy City Attorney II
Deputy City Clerk
Deputy Director of Development Services
Deputy Director of Finance
Deputy Director of Public Works
Deputy Fire Chief
Design & Construction Services Manag
Development Inspection Services Adm.
Development Review Engineer
Development Review Specialist
Director of Finance
Director of Library & Community Services
Director Of Maintenance Services
Director of Public Works

Economic Development Coordinator
Economic Development Manager
Economic Development Specialist
Education Services Coordinator
Education Services Manager
Electrician I & II
EMS Coordinator
Engineering Technician
Environmental Services Manager
Environmental Specialist
Equipment Manager
Equipment Mechanic I & II
Equipment Operator
Equipment Parts Storekeeper
Equipment Service Attendant
Executive Assistant

Facilities and Building Manager
Facilities Carpenter I
Facilities Carpenter II
Facilities Leadworker
Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
Facilities Painter I
Facilities Painter II
Facilities Serviceworker I
Facilities Serviceworker II
Family Counselor I
Finance Supervisor
Finance Technician
Financial Analyst
Fire Administrative Services Officer
Fire Captain - 40hrs
Fire Captain - 56hrs
Fire Chief
Fire Marshal
Fire Prevention Inspector - 40hrs
Fire Prevention Inspector - 56hrs
Fire Protection Engineer
Fire Services Supervisor
Fire Technician I-II
Fire Training Officer
Firefighter - 40hrs
Firefighter - 56hrs
Firefighter Trainee
Fleet Management Supervisor

GIS Coordinator
Graphics Planning Illustrator
Graphics Planning Technician
Groundkeeper I
Groundkeeper II
Groundkeeper III

Hazardous Materials Investigator
Hazardous Materials Program Coordinator
Homeownership Coordinator
Housing Development Specialist
Housing Inspector
Housing Manager
Housing Rehabilitation Coordinator
Human Resources Administrative Secretary
Human Resources Analyst I/II
Human Resources Director, Unclassified
Human Resources Manager
Human Resources Technician
HVAC Mechanic

ICMA Management Work Fellow
Info Systems Support Tech
Information Systems Manager
Information Technology Analyst I-II
Information Technology Director
Information Technology Manager
Jail, Property/Evidence and Crime Scene Administrator
Jail Supervisor
Jailer I
Jailer II
Junior Civil Engineer

Laboratory Supervisor
Laboratory Technician
Landscape Architect
Landscape Maintenance Manager
Landscape Maintenance Supervisor
Lead Customer Account Clerk
Lead Library Assistant
Legal Assistant
Legal Secretary I
Legal Secretary II
Librarian I
Librarian II
Library Assistant
Library Operations Manager
Library Page
Library Systems Manager
Literacy Program Coordinator

Mail and Purchasing Clerk
Mail and Stock Clerk
Mail Clerk
Maintenance Worker

Neighborhood Partnership Manager
Neighborhood Services Manager
Network-Microcomputer Specialist
Network Systems Specialist
Noise Abatement Analyst

Operations Support Director
Operation Support Services Manager

Paratransit Program Coordinator
Permit Technician
Personnel and Training Administrator
Plan Checker
Plan Checking Engineer
Planning Manager
Police Captain
Police Identification Specialist
Police Lieutenant
Police Officer
Police Officer Trainee
Police Program Analyst
Police Records Clerk I
Police Records Clerk II
Police Records Supervisor
Police Sergeant
Police Support Services Manager
Principal Planner
Programmer Analyst
Property & Evidence Technician
Property Rehabilitation Specialist
Property-Evidence Administrator
Property-Evidence Supervisor
Purchasing and Services Manager
Purchasing Assistant
Purchasing Technician

Real Property Associate
Real Property Manager
Records Administrator
Records Supervisor
Recycling Specialist
Redevelopment Director
Redevelopment Project Manager
Redevelopment Specialist
Revenue Manager

Secretary (Conf.)
Senior Account Clerk
Senior Accountant
Senior Accounting Technician
Senior Airport Maintenance Worker
Senior Building Inspector - Plumbing-Mechanical
Senior Building Inspector-Electrical
Senior Building Inspector-Structural
Senior Civil Engineer
Senior Code Enforcement Inspector
Senior Crime Prevention Specialist
Senior Customer Account Clerk
Senior Equipment Mechanic
Senior Human Resources Analyst
Senior Library Assistant
Senior Library Page
Senior Maintenance Leader
Senior Permit Technician
Senior Plan Checker
Senior Planner
Senior Property Rehabilitation Specialist
Senior Secretary
Senior Secretary (Conf.)
Senior Sweeper Equipment Operator
Senior Transportation Planner
Senior Transportation Engineer
Senior Utilities Engineer
Senior Utility Customer Service Leader
Senior Utility Leader
Senior Utility Service Representative
Senior Water Pollution Control Facility Operator
Shelter Operations Supervisor
Shelter Volunteer Coordinator
Social Services Planning Manager
Solid Waste Manager
Staff Fire Captain
Streets Maintenance Manager
Streets Maintenance Supervisor
Supervising Building Inspector
Supervising Construction Inspector
Supervising Librarian
Supervising Plan Checker-Expediter
Survey Engineer
Sustainability Technician
Sweeper Equipment Operator

Technology Solutions Analyst I & II
Traffic Safety Assistant
Traffic Signal Technician
Transportation Manager
Tree Trimmer

Utilities Field Services Supervisor
Utilities Maintenance Mechanic
Utilities Maintenance Supervisor
Utilities Operations - Maintenance Manager
Utilities Operations - Maintenance Supervisor
Utilities Service Worker
Utilities Superintendent
Utility Leader
Utility Service Representative
Utility Worker

Veterinary Technician
Video Assistant
Volunteer Prog Assistant

Wastewater Collection System Supervisor
Water Installation & Maint. Supervisor
Water Meter Mechanic
Water Meter Reader
Water Pollution Control Administrator
Water Pollution Control Facility Lead Operator
Water Pollution Control Facility Manager
Water Pollution Control Facility Operator
Water Pollution Control Facility Ops - Maint Mgr
Water Pollution Control Facility Operations Supervisor
Water Pollution Source Control Inspector
WPCF Maintenance Supervisor
WPCF Operations Supervisor
Web Specialist

Youth & Family Services Administrator
Assignment Pay Information
City Attorney contract, eff. 7-1-14 thru 6-30-15.
City Clerk contract, eff. 7-1-14 thru 6-30-15.
City Manager contract, eff. 7-1-14 thru 6-30-15.
Fire Chief's-Management MOU Effective through 12/31/2012
Fire Chief's-Management Sideletter; Effective 6/21/11 - 12/31/13
Fire Chief's side letter; 6/21/11 - 12/31/13.
Fire Chief's VEBA side letter; 05/08/12
Fire Chief’s side letter to MOU; dated July 1, 2013
Firefighters Assoc., Local 1909 MOU; Effective thru 12/31/14, includes 4/8/10 side letter.
Firefighters Assoc., Local 1909 side letter to MOU; 6/21/11 - 12/31/15.
Firefighters Assoc., Local 1909 side letter to MOU; dated 5/11/10.
Firefighters Assoc., Local 1909 VEBA side letter to MOU; dated 6/26/13.
Firefighters Assoc., Local 1909 VEBA side letter to MOU; dated 6/20/13.
Firefighters Assoc., Local 1909 side letter to MOU; dated July 1, 2013
Fire Officer's, Local 1909, VEBA side letter to MOU; Effective 05/01/12
Fire Officer’s, Local 1909 side letter to MOU; dated July 1, 2013
Management Association - HAME, MOU; Effective 4/01/12 - 7/01/15
Management Association - HAME, VEBA Sideletter; Effective 5/01/12
Police Mgt Unit - MOU; VEBA Sideletter Effective 05/01/12
Police Mgt Unit - MOU, Eff. 7/1/2007 to 6/30/2015.
Police Mgt Unit - Side letter to MOU, Eff. 7/1/2012 to 12/1/2013.
Police Mgt Unit - Side letter to MOU, Eff. 7/1/2011 to 6/30/2013.
Police Mgt Unit - Side letter to MOU, Eff. 7/1/2011 to 6/30/2015.
Police Mgt Unit - Side letter to MOU, Eff. 7/1/2009 to 6/30/2010. **Pending requested update from Agency as of 9/3/10.**
Police Officers' Assoc. sideletter; Effective 7/1/14
Police Officers' Assoc. VEBA Sideletter Effective 07/09/12
Police Officers' Assoc. sideletter; Effective 7/1/12
Police Officers' Assoc. sideletter; Effective 7/1/11 - 6/30/14
Police Officers' Assoc. MOU with side letter; Effective 7/1/05 - 6/30/15. Revised November 2008.
Police Officers' Assoc. Addendum to MOU; Effective thru 6/30/15.
Police Officers' Assoc. side letter to MOU; for fiscal year 2009/2010. **Pending requested update from Agency as of 9/3/10.**
Prof. and Tech. Engineers, IFPTE Local 21; Sideletter of Agreement Code Enforcement 06/14/13
Prof. and Tech. Engineers, IFPTE Local 21 MOU; Sideletter FY 2012-2013 Effective 07/01/12
Prof. and Tech. Engineers, IFPTE Local 21; Sideletter Effective 7/04/11 - 7/01/12.
Prof. and Tech. Engineers, IFPTE Local 21 MOU; Sideletter
Prof. and Tech. Engineers, IFPTE Local 21 MOU; VEBA Sideletter Effective 05/01/12
Prof. and Tech. Engineers, IFPTE Local 21; Effec. thru 09/30/11. **Furlough sideletters included
SEIU Local 1021; Clerical VEBA Sideletter Effective 05/01/12
SEIU Local 1021; Maintenance & Ops. VEBA Sideletter Effective 05/01/12
Imposed Terms – SEIU Local 1021 Clerical and Related Unit
Imposed Terms – SEIU Local 1021 Maintenance and Operations Unit
Unrepresented Management, Human Resources and City Attorney Employees – Effective April 1, 2012
(Amended June 12, 2012)

Unrepresented Management, Human Resources and City Attorney Employees VEBA Sideletter – Effective 05/01/12
Unrepresented Management, Human Resources and City Attorney Employees Resolution – Effective 04/01/12
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